Support Funding for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention!

The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Reauthorization Act (HR 1344) is currently awaiting federal congressional action.  This bill authorizes the federal funding necessary to enable states to continue these critical programs for children with hearing loss.  In mid March, the bill was referred to the House Subcommittee on Health within the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  It seems unlikely that the bill will pass out of committee without concerted effort on the part of affected constituents.  The text of HR 1344 can be found by clicking here.

Nine East Network is encouraging all families of deaf or hard of hearing children, their loved ones, educators, friends, and concerned citizens to contact their congressional representatives and tell them to co-sponsor this bill.  The more co-sponsors on a bill, the better chance it has of moving forward.

Legislators need to understand how important early intervention services are for babies with hearing loss, and it benefits them to hear personal stories of how early hearing screening and intervention services help real families.  Also, the National Institute of Health has provided some helpful data which supports the importance of the EHDI program.  Concerned Vermonters should contact Congressman Peter Welch’s office today and tell him why HR 1344 needs his sponsorship and support.