Job Opening: Coordinator of Sign Communication Support Services

Primary Responsibilities for the Coordinator of Sign Communication Support Services

The Coordinator of the Sign Communication Support Services will work to ensure that appropriate services are being provided to children, families and schools around sign communication.  Sign support services include Deaf Mentors, Sign Language Instructors, and communication facilitators.  This is a part-time position for the 2016-2017 school year.

Job Responsibilities for the Position

  • Guide/mentor instructors towards an awareness and understanding of Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community, as appropriate.
  • Model application of signs learned to home and/or school environment and activities
  • Establish & maintain contact with the instructors to coordinate services
  • Provide sign instruction and staff workshops for VDHH staff, new sign instructors, and out
  • Research curriculum options and, if necessary, adapt sign language curriculum appropriate for each unique child/student, family, childcare or school staff
  • reach programs, as requested
  • Recommend program standards to maintain a high quality of instruction for all students served.

Competencies for the Coordinator of Sign Communication Support Services

  • Ability to identify and adapt curriculum for the child’s environment (e.g., home, school)
  • Ability to work in partnership with families and school team members.
  • Ability to assist sign instructors in adapting information, language and curriculum to individual learning styles and skill level.
  • Ability to recommend appropriate communication mode for educational purposes including American Sign Language, Sign Supported Speech
  • Ability to determine baseline sign language skills, monitor progress and assess sign language skill development of child/student

Qualifications for the Coordinator of Sign Communication Support Services

  • Bachelor’s Degree and 3 years experience in related work.
  • Knowledge of child language development, communication modes, and assessment.
  • Fluency in American Sign Language
  • Experience teaching sign language and supporting other professionals
  • Experience utilizing video technology, desirable
  • Valid Driver’s License, vehicle and willingness to travel throughout Vermont


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