Job Opening: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultant

Overview of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultant Duties:

This position provides support for school districts on behalf of students, families, and educational teams.  This support may include development of instructional strategies, classroom accommodations, in-service training, curriculum development, audiological management, and assistive technology.  Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultants also may provide direct services to children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

The position reports to: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Supervisor

Responsibilities of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultant:

  • Observe in the classroom to analyze the acoustics, teaching style and student’s learning style in order to determine need for accommodations and assistive listening devices.
  • Function as a student educational team member, as requested, in the development and implementation of IEP, and 504 plans and evaluations. This includes making recommendations about appropriate classroom accommodations, equipment management, and the need for specialized instruction, as well as least restrictive environment options.
  • Act as point person for the school, student, and family regarding on-going medical and audiological needs, as it relates to the child’s access to education.
  • Educate and support nurses, teachers, para-educators, other school staff, and administrators regarding fluctuating hearing loss, unilateral hearing loss and central auditory processing disorders, by staying current with the research and disseminating it where relevant.
  • Select and maintain appropriate audiological equipment in the classroom.
  • Conduct in-service training and follow-up services for teachers, students, staff, educators and families on hearing loss, amplification systems and classroom accommodations, hearing conservation programs, and development of auditory functioning and communication skills training.
  • Write reports for observations, evaluations, and summaries of direct services
  • Submit referral information and recommendations for service to the central office for the development of service agreements.
  • Maintain student records in the Apricot student records database.
  • Attend staff meetings, maintain professional or educational license, and participates in statewide and regional meetings related to this job description.
  • This position may also include the role of Parent Infant Advisor, as directed by the Coordinator for the Parent Infant Program.


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