About Nine East Network

Nine East Network is Vermont’s preeminent special education consulting agency, connecting children and schools with effective strategies to address language delays and hearing loss.

We are committed to ensuring that children with hearing loss and children with developmental speech and language disorders have all the access to communication that they will need to grow, learn, and thrive in today’s communication-driven world.

We help:
  • Newborns and babies who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Children who are deaf or hard of hearing in mainstream or specialized schools
  • Young adults with hearing loss, transitioning from high school to higher education and the workplace
  • Parents of babies with hearing loss, needing advice and support
  • Educators working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Children of all ages with developmental speech and language delays and disorders
  • Schools in need of speech and language services
  • Schools seeking professional review of their speech and language service delivery systems

About Our Founder, Susan Kimmerly


Susan KimmerlySusan Kimmerly has dedicated her life to serving Vermont’s special needs children.

After founding Nine East Network in 2003 (formerly known as Vermont Consultants for Language and Learning), Susan served as its director, then went on to found and direct The New School of Montpelier in 2005.

A licensed Speech and Language Pathologist since 1982, Susan was the supervisor and manager of statewide programs for children at the Agency of Education and the Department of Children and Families (formerly SRS). She is also a licensed School Administrator.

She has worked with students of all ages and abilities in a range of private schools, public schools, and residential care settings. She has also taught at the college level at the University of Vermont, Johnson State College, Union Institute & University, and Lyndon State College.

Susan received her Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from McGill University, then earned her Master’s of Science degree studying Communication Disorders from the University of Vermont. In 1999, she completed her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Vermont.

A proud mother of four, Susan brings decades of hands-on management experience in public and private education, special education, child protection, and juvenile justice to her role, plus her professional expertise as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) and a State Consultant for Speech, Language, and Hearing.

Susan’s passion for helping educators, administrators, and parents create the best learning environments possible, coupled with her collaborative approach to coordinating services, makes Nine East Network a powerful force for Vermont’s children and youth.

Our History

Nine East Network (formerly Vermont Consultants for Language and Learning) was founded in 2003 by Susan Kimmerly. At that time, the company’s mission was to provide speech and language services to public and independent schools, and provide training for speech-language pathology assistants.

After determining that schools needed specialized services for students with language delays, Susan realized she could best administer these services through a statewide consulting agency.
Over the years, she has brought on new, highly-trained staff to work throughout the state filling the gaps in the special education system by:

  • providing training to teachers and other school staff
  • conducting student speech, language, and other evaluations
  • developing curricula and managing individual student programs
  • delivering Title 1 services to children in residential settings; and
  • consulting with public and independent schools about special education, how to best deliver special education services, and how to change service delivery systems

In August of 2014, the Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and the Austine School for the Deaf, closed suddenly – leaving Vermont’s children with hearing loss without critical support and consulting services in public schools.

The State of Vermont quickly reached out to Susan Kimmerly, and asked her to administer the Vermont Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program. True to form, Susan stepped up to this incredible challenge, and committed to doing everything she could to help Vermont’s schools, children, and families in this time of need.

Since September of 2014, Susan has hired the consultants, parent advisors, sign support personnel, and headquarters staff to bring the DHH program back into full swing. In 2015, she established the leadership team for the DHH Program to continue to improve services and systems for delivery. The DHH Program now includes 15 staffers. Meanwhile, Nine East Network continues to provide speech and language services and Title I services, which employ another 8 dedicated staff members.

Our Vision

As circumstances have changed, so have the services that Nine East Network offers. Under Susan Kimmerly’s wise and pragmatic leadership, Nine East Network will continue to evolve and respond to the needs of Vermont’s children, schools, and agencies.


It is our vision that this website will be a resource for families, educators, members of the deaf/Deaf community, and all Vermonters.

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