Our Services

Nine East Network is dedicated to connecting Vermont’s deaf and hard of hearing children with effective strategies and supports for learning. Our team of experienced professionals offer direct services, training, and consultation in all regions of Vermont. We support families and educators in creating the best learning opportunities possible for deaf and hard of hearing children. We also provide consulting services in the areas of speech and language, literacy and math instruction, and curriculum development.

We Help:

  • Newborns and babies who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Children who are deaf or hard of hearing in mainstream schools
  • Young adults with hearing loss, transitioning from high school to higher education and the workplace
  • Schools in need of speech and language services
  • Parents of babies with hearing loss, needing advice and support
  • Educators working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Children of all ages with speech and language delays and disorders

Nine East Network runs programs that give these children access to the communication they need to thrive in school and in life.

Direct SLP Services
to support speech and language development for all children

SLP Consulting Services
to help schools determine needs and deliver appropriate services

Direct Services
to Deaf and hard of hearing youth and their families

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consulting Services
for IEP teams and 504 plans

Do you know a child in Vermont in need of a referral for DHH services or SLP services?  Click here to contact us today!


Speech & Language Services

Evaluations, Direct Services Supervision & Training of SLPAs

deaf and hard of hearing

VT Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Empowering Children Through Language Development and Access to Communication

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