Title I Programs

Nine East Network’s Title I Program has been supplementing educational services for Vermont’s youth at the Bennington School since 2005. We have also worked with programs at Camp E-Wen-Akee in Benson, VT and under contract with the Department of Children and Families in Hartford over the years.  Currently, Nine East Network’s staff work with students who have experienced complex developmental trauma at the Bennington School, Inc., an independent residential school in Bennington, Vermont.


Our Title I Program aims to:

  • Improve reading and math skills
  • Promote graduation from high school
  • Support a successful transition from high school to adulthood
  • Improve technical and vocational skills

Our staff are specially trained to work with students with developmental trauma.  We have years of experience using educational and communication strategies that build healthy relationships and cultivate safe learning environments for traumatized youth.


Over the years, we have learned:

  • It is imperative to build trust and develop positive relationships with our Title I students.  We do that by spending more time providing individualized instruction, where we can be attuned to the needs and emotions of each student.
  • Working within the structure of the classroom and the school day helps Title I students feel safe and secure.  Our services offer consistency, routine, and rules to guide and support them academically.
  • Working with partners is highly beneficial to our Title I students.  They become more involved in their class work and gain self-confidence when they are carefully matched with other student partners.
  • Technology is key to preparing students for adulthood.  That’s why Nine East Network introduced computers, an online learning lab, and a significant library of online educational resources to the Bennington School.

Our staff’s specialized training includes:

  • Trauma training from the Vermont Foster and Adoptive Family Association
  • The Circles of Courage model from Martin Brokenleg and Larry Brendtro
  • The Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency (ARC) Model

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