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School Age Consulting Services

Our professional team strives to ensure that children, families, and educators are well-informed about services, access, and other unique circumstances affecting students with hearing loss.

The mission of Nine East Network’s DHH Program is to empower children through language development and access to communication.

We value collaboration with families and educators to help children develop linguistic, educational and social skills in order to achieve their full potential. We encourage the use of the most current technologies and evidence-based methods to best meet the diverse needs of this community.


Contact us for our current rate sheet.

Our Consultants are:

  • Licensed Educators
  • Teachers of the Deaf
  • Audiologists
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Sign Language Specialists

We consult with schools regarding:

  • Assistance with Instructional Strategies
  • Classroom Accommodations
  • In-Service Training
  • Curriculum Development
  • Audiological Management
  • Assistive Technology

Our Consultants also:

  • Provide direct services to students with hearing loss
  • Conduct educational assessments
  • Participate in educational team meetings for students on IEP’s and 504 plans

Our work begins with your Initial Referral 

You can make a referral online by clicking the button to the right, or you can call our Administrative Coordinator Ileene Therrien at (802) 229-0100.  Based on the geographic location of the child, and the type of services you seek, we will select a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultant to best serve you.


First, our specially trained Consultant will conduct an initial consultation.  We meet with you in person, conduct observations and issue a customized report, including a summary of findings and recommendations.

Some students who are deaf or hard of hearing only require annual monitoring.  Annual Monitoring can occur by phone or email with school staff.

Other students with hearing loss receive direct services from our consultants. Typically, these services are described in an IEP or 504 plan and can include regularly scheduled, in-person, direct instruction. These services tend to focus on improving listening, speaking, and other communication skills.
Ear-SquareSchools also benefit from our Consulting Services, where the primary work with the student is done through individuals in the school environment, such as general and special education teachers, school staff, peers, and family members.

We offer a wide range of consulting services depending on the particular needs of the students and their school.

To reduce the cost of our services to schools, this program receives funds from the Vermont Agency of Education.

To find the DHH Consultant assigned to your school district, go to our Consultant Search Page.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, specialized services for children with hearing loss.

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